Welcome to Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool

Recognizing that we serve children and families of diverse backgrounds, we offer a safe, nurturing environment that promotes intellectual, emotional, and social growth, allowing children to build a strong foundation of confidence and enthusiasm appropriate for lifelong learning.

Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool has been a Wasatch Presbyterian Church community outreach for over 60 years. Our NAEYC Accredited, two-to-five-day per week program offers a developmentally appropriate environment with quality instruction for over 180 preschoolers, ages 2 1/2–5 during each school year.

Our educational philosophy is based on research that shows children learn best by doing. Consequently, play is a very integral and important part of our program at Wasatch. Teachers use play as a learning tool to help children discover language, mathematics, science, music, art, problem-solving, and socialization skills.


The National Association for the Education of Young Children administers the largest and most widely recognized accreditation system for early childhood schools and child care centers. Accredited programs provide a safe environment, trained teachers, activities appropriate to children's ages, ongoing professional development, respect for cultural diversity, and ongoing systematic evaluation.

Please visit the NAEYC Website for more information.

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Toddler Classes

2.5 Years Old to 3 Years Old

Preschool Classes

3 Years Old to 5 Years Old



This year will be our sixth consecutive year at Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool. We live in Holladay, so we didn’t exactly choose WPP for the short commute. We chose (and have remained at) the school for the caring atmosphere and the consistent instruction provided by the teachers and staff. Our eldest daughter began her first day of kindergarten well prepared socially and academically and we anticipate the same for our younger child, who will enter kindergarten this coming year.
— Valerie and Justin Archibald
How can we thank Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool enough for the sweet, lovely, supportive space that they create where our little people go to form their views of the world and of themselves. Toni Morrison says when speaking of valuing our little ones, ‘Do your eyes light up when they walk in the room?’ I have seen the teachers’ eyes light up. I have felt the sincere love and concern for all of the students. Wasatch Preschool is truly a gift to all of our lives!
— Jeanne Aldrich