Wasatch Preschool Snack Policy

Dear Parents,
As you are aware, one of the requirements for your child to attend our preschool is that you take a turn sending snacks for your child’s class. Years ago we relied on donations for snacks and they lacked nutrition. Since we are housed in a church without a school cafeteria, we now rely on you to make sure that snacks for your children are healthy.
Remember the following as you purchase snacks to send to school:

  1. The health department requires that all snacks be pre-packaged and bought at the store.
  2. You may send milk to go with it if you would like.
  3. Individual servings are the best.
  4. Sweet treats are only allowed on birthdays and at holiday parties.
  5. Do not send Hot dogs (whole or sliced into rounds), whole grapes; nuts, popcorn, raw peas and hard pretzels, chunks or raw carrots or meat larger than can be swallowed whole.

Here is a list of suggestions to choose from when it is your child’s turn to bring snacks. Thank you in advance for your help.


Unsweetened Applesauce,
String Cheese,
Cheese Squares,
Canned Soup,
Whole grain crackers,
Dried fruit,
Small apples,
Fruit bars,
Goldfish crackers,
Granola bars,



Note: Parents who forget to send snack on their assigned day will be
charged $10 to cover the cost of providing another snack.