Wasatch Preschool Field Trip Policy

Field trips are a developmentally appropriate way for preschool children to learn. We like therefore to encourage classes at our school to take them several times during the year.

  • Each class determines individually the number of times they go on field trips. Parents are included in this decision-making process. We suggest that field trips be limited to one per quarter year.
  • Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from the field trips. If parents cannot transport their own child they can make arrangements to have their child car pool with another child.
  • Teachers bring class sign-in and sign-out sheets with them so that parents can sign their children in and out as usual. They also bring a cell phone for use if an emergency arises.
  • All parents are required to sign a form stating that they will not hold the preschool liable for any accident or injury that comes to their child on the way to or from a field trip or during a field trip.
  • Parent volunteers are asked to participate to keep the student/adult ratios down to a manageable level (3-5 students to each adult).

This policy reflects the best way to keep preschool children safe while allowing them the opportunity to participate in the hands-on learning process that field trips allow. By transporting their own children to and from field trips, parents no longer have to worry about their safety.