Wasatch Preschool Assessment Policy

Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool uses assessment as part of their system for tracking a child’s progress in our program. Each year we use both formal and informal testing. This is comprised primarily of checklists, observations, and other informal ways of assessing students. Formal testing is only done with parental permission when we suspect a child may need services that we do not offer. We use the school district to do formal testing, for diagnosis and referral.

Testing is done at least twice a year; once at the beginning of the year to see at what level to begin teaching each student. Then we test children again at the end of the year to document each student’s progress. Teachers may also deem it necessary to test at other times of the year, depending on each child and their specific needs.

Assessment helps teachers know how to design our curriculum to best meet the needs of each individual child as well as for the group as a whole. This will make the experience each child has unique from the experience other children have and gives teachers information to pass on to parents to keep them informed about their child’s progress each year. It enables each child to progress as far and as quickly as he/she is ready to progress.

Assessment information is shared with parents twice a year, at parent teacher conferences and at the end of each school year. Information gathered throughout the year is also used to identify children with special needs. Teachers gather information not only from informal testing but also from input given them by parents and other caregivers.