Wasatch Preschool Allergy-Free Environment Policy

Teachers maintain an allergy-free environment in the following ways:

  1. No pets with fur or dander are kept in the classroom.
  2. Teachers inform parents to send snacks that do not include peanuts or other common food allergens. When there is a student with a specific food allergy in a classroom, teachers post the allergy with parent permission and inform other parents not to send that snack food to class.
  3. Rooms are kept clean and free of dust.
  4. “Dress-ups” and stuffed animals are washed frequently.

Parents of children with special health care needs or food allergies inform the school of these needs by filling out a health form upon registration in the school. Parents and their health provider give the program an individualized care plan that is prepared in consultation with family members and specialists involved in the child’s care. Teachers protect these children from exposure to pets or problem foods. Parents are asked for permission to post information about food allergies in the food preparation area and to give this information to parents assigned to bring snacks for the classroom. Classrooms are kept clean and free from dust and other allergy irritants.

Other special health concerns are dealt with in a similar fashion. Parents of the class are notified when needed and necessary steps taken to insure that health needs are met for all students in the class.